September 2022


Deep In The South cover

The Music Maker Foundation released Deep in the South on September 20, 2022. This is their first songbook and features stunning photography by Tim Duffy, magnificent words by Chuck Reese and 27 song trancriptions by me, Earle Pughe. There is a companion CD with 17 tracks by the original artists.

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November 2020

I have been transcribing artists from the Music Maker Foundation's roster for the past year. Music Maker very generously featured me on their blog.

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Check out their website; they have some great videos and audio.


Past Blast: Fate McCobb

Fate McCobb circa 1998
McGregor McGehee lead vocals, bass
Rich Dubois fiddle, mandolin, harmony vocal
Larry Newman archtop rhythm guitar, baritone guitar
Earle Pughe pedal steel, lapsteel, B-bender tele, octave guitar, banjo.
McGregor put this band together.
We had all been knocking around the country circuit and wishing for something different.
A little fire and brimstone, a little life, a little death.
The world needed a hillbilly band to balance out the Glitterbilly.
Fate got a little national airplay and disappeared.
Rumor has it there are still a few CDs available.
It was an honor to be part of Fate.

Album cover

October 2019 CD Release: A Guitar

A Guitar front cover

My latest release features a 00-28C, a different sounding guitar from the steel string guitars usually heard on folk and blues. The tunes range from Welsh fiddle tunes to Piedmont blues. There are a two originals and a vocal along with traditional tunes. It's available now from Amazon and iTunes. Enjoy.

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January 2019 CD Release: Earle Pughe and Joe Morley -- On The Line

On The Line front cover

This release is a collaboration with Joe Morley. Joe Morley is performer/songwriter from Harvard, MA. He has an interesting, slightly dark take on the world and life therein. I played electric bass on 2 tracks on Joe Morley's first CD "Cheated by the Perfume". He asked me to contribute guitar, bass, mandolin and pedal steel to the tracks on his latest CD "On The Line". It's available now from Amazon and iTunes.

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August 2018 CD Release: Muddy Creek

Muddy Creek front cover

My CD titled "Muddy Creek", features 10 American fiddle tunes played on guitar and mandolin. It's available now from Amazon and iTunes.

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July 2017 CD Release: Road to Sligo

Road to Sligo - 12 Scotish and Irish fiddle tunes on guitar and mandolin.

Front artwork for Road To Sligo CD Back side of artwork for Road To Sligo CD

It's available now from Amazon and iTunes.


iTunes Store Available at Amazon

Music That Cows Like

Album cover: Music That Cows Like

This CD features solo classical guitar pieces played on a steel string instrument. Music by J.S. Bach, Fernando Sor, and others. Contact me if you're interested.


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